CJXC Radio has left the airwaves

A farewell message from Dan & Jan Hoddinott

CJXC Radio has ceased operations, as of Dec. 31, 2022.

We trust our efforts in bringing Christian companionship via traditional Gospel music and insightful spoken word content in the past few years have contributed in a meaningful way to the daily walk of Canadian pilgrims from coast to coast. The niche we filled featured exclusively Canadian artists playing Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, bluegrass, folk, hymns and church standards, along with a few recognizably-Christian contemporary and nouveau art selections — presented primarily in English but also in French, Cree, Plautdietsch and Russian.

Absent a viable Gospel music industry to support them, and not always appreciated by the present-day church, just being heard can be a challenge for traditional Gospel artists in Canada. We salute the many singers, groups and instrumentalists you’ve heard every day on CJXC — these who are called to action by the opportunity to send a beam of light through the darkness and across the wave, who desire to fortify the people of God and endeavour to press back against the harsh edges of encroaching secular culture. Together, we have been your constant Christian companion: good, clean entertainment that both inspires and references the heritage of the Christian way, available 24 hours a day by Internet to whosoever will in every outport, hamlet, town and city, in every province and territory across Canada.

The people and the mechanics behind CJXC — and ultimately its future prospects — were significantly impacted by the COVID-19 calamity, and the compromised culture it left behind. Yet, we continued to broadcast without interruption even as death visited, relationships became strained, institutions fractured and structures critical to both the staging of live performance and the nurtured growth of radio audiences sagged under the weight of enduring fear. Even the grip of government overreach we deemed survivable, though threats were inherent in both the licentious health-implied dictates early on, societal censorship that complicated matters later and now the emergence of imposed progressive values as the arbiter of allowable Internet content. However, a serious medical situation has presented itself to the Hoddinott family — one that has for most of the past year demanded of us our daily energies, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Thus, we have decided to step away.

Nevertheless, the song will go on. The song must go on.

The fine artists you heard daily on CJXC will continue to shine the light of the Gospel around them with the gift of their song to live audiences. We urge you to get out and support their work as they brighten the corner of the world where they are. The medium by which they are heard may change, but their song lasts forever.

For the time being, we can be reached by e-mail: Dan Hoddinott danh@cjxc.ca   Jan Hoddinott jan@cjxc.ca

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